The application for rezoning will ultimately be considered for approval by the Columbus City Council.


City Council is comprised of 7 voting members. Did you know that the application to rezone this property cost the applicant $15,000? We have reason to be concerned given the Council's ongoing pattern of approval of tax abatements to developers and our City’s historical growth. We need your voice to be loud and clear in City Hall!


We need you to call, email, mail letters and even tweet our City Hall representatives to know we oppose this type of zoning change.



Email or Tweet @ City Council Members

Tweet to our Columbus City Council Members and let them know you oppose rezoning application Z20-070


Sample tweet:

@----- Oppose rezoning application Z20-070. The city cannot ignore the rich history to our city of Hartman Farms. A National Register of Historic Places and a Native American Burial Mound Site. Cow Town might not be who we are today, but its still part of our history. Oppose the application. #SaveHartmanFarms

Send an email to Columbus City Council Members.  You can also print and send the letter via USPS.


Download Sample Letter

This page is currently under construction, so come back soon for updates and pre-filled contact methods.