Summary and Background:


On August 25, 2020 PFK Company II, LLC et al. filed a rezoning application with City of Columbus Department of Building and Zoning Services on parcel (510-180711) situated at 5076 South High Street Columbus, Ohio 43207 . The proposed rezoning would change the zoning and usage of this property from agricultural (CPD, C-2, ARLD, AR-12, R2F & SR) to manufacturing (L-M-2).


Action Petitioned For: We are concerned neighbors of the Hartman Stock Farm Historic District property located at 5076 South High Street Columbus, Ohio 43207. We are opposed to the proposed rezoning of the property from agricultural (CPD, C-2, ARLD, AR-12, R2F & SR) to manufacturing (L-M-2). We respectfully ask that no zoning changes be permitted on parcel (510-180711), not because we are anti-development, but because we are enthusiastic supporters of preserving historical properties and concerned about the impeding affect rezoning will have on our single-family residential properties.


Our Most Compelling Reasons Against Rezoning Include:


Historical District.   – The Hartman Stock Farm District is listed in the National Register of Historic Places (Reference# 74001492).  The property was officially listed on the register on October 9, 1974.  It is a significant piece of Columbus’s history and should be preserved for future generations.


The property at 5076 S. High St is also the home of Native American burial mounds.  The Archeological Atlas of Ohio (William C. Mills) includes a map of all burial mounds and earthworks in Franklin County, which includes burial mounds on Hartman Farm


Geological Significance – Spangler Hill, located on the Hartman Farm property, is the most pronounced glacial kame in Ohio.  This conical mound was formed by glacial outwash deposits during the Wisconsin Glacial Episode 14,000 to 24,000 years ago.  The kettle lake on this property was also formed by glacial movement and deposits.


Insufficient Road Infrastructure – Nearby intersections cannot handle the dramatic increase in traffic that will occur if the rezoning is permitted. High Street, which runs parallel to the property, is already a high traffic area and the intersection of High Street and Rathmell Road had 108 recorded crashes from 2011-2016 .  At least 13 fatalities have also been reported at this intersection since 1998 . If this rezoning is approved, the residential neighborhoods surrounding the property will witness a dramatic increase in traffic in an already heavily congested area, which will likely lead to more accidents, injuries, and fatalities.


Industrial Manufacturing Facilities Impede On Established Residential Communities – Other areas – such as Parsons Avenue, Alum Creek to the west of 5076 S. High Street – are currently zoned for manufacturing and industrial purposes and offer vacant lots for developmental opportunities.  Use of the property in question for manufacturing purposes is inappropriate and unjustified.


Rezoning Will Negatively Affect Residential Property Values – The Hartman Pond neighborhood is zoned planned urban development (PUD) and is restricted to single family uses.  The change in zoning to an “overlay” district, where new uses will be allowed, will affect the property values of the neighborhood as a whole, not just homes that share a boundary with the Hartman Farm property.